Extend the Life Span of Your Roadway With Chipsealing

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Do you want to make your roadway more durable? Jim's Hot Mix Construction is an asphalt contractor in Fort Worth, TX. Our chipsealing service is a cost-effective way to make your roadway last longer.

We guarantee that your roadway will be maintenance-free for at least 12 years. Our process will even make the asphalt heat-resistant, which is safer for your feet and pets. You'll appreciate the benefits of our chipsealing service. Contact us at 817-773-1826 to work with an expert asphalt contractor today.

How does chipsealing work?

How does chipsealing work?

Chipsealing is rubber oil that is bonded by a sealant. We apply it by:

  • Spraying liquid sealant on the existing asphalt
  • Spreading on a thin layer of crushed gravel
  • Compacting the gravel with large rollers

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